Being a good and responsible puppy dog owner, you’ll certainly put in plenty of your time in training your puppy. You’ll probably do a bit of crate training, obedience training, maybe even agility training. However, how can you leash train puppy is one of the most key pup training issues. He may not think very highly of it to begin with, but once he has the hang of it, your outside time with him should be much more enjoyable for you both. Leash training is also a necessary step in training your pup for shows, if that is your ultimate goal.

Many experts recommend that you start leash training your pup when he is around six or seven weeks old. Typically at this age, he will have a greater attention span, and will be up for walks with you.

When you first start walking with your pup, you might allow the puppy some freedom so that he can explore his neighborhood and play. The training at this point will be teaching your puppy to stay with you for the duration of your walk, and come when you call him. By letting the puppy explore, and then calling his name, he will learn that you want him to return to you. You must fuss over and reward your pup when he does come when you call him. A lot of trainers will use treats to get the puppy dog to follow them at the beginning. Due to his short attention span, you should not expect this to work for long. You ought to give the pup a goody, and let him go play, and then try again a little later. With the help of treats and rewards, and staying patient, your puppy will catch on fairly quickly.

When your puppy dog has mastered how to leash train a pup, and coming to you whenever you call him, you can probably begin training him on a lead. Most vets will advise beginning with a nylon collar before trying a choker collar. Usually, the choker collar is not needed, unless you have a very strong willed puppy.

Ordinarily the best place to begin leash training is your own backyard. The pup is most likely already very accustomed to this area now, so he will be much less preoccupied with exploring, and more on training. You also don’t need to bother about other animals in this area, as you would at the park or community walking track.

Once again, when you have the collar on and would like to begin, bend down and give a goody to get your puppy to come to you. After successfully repeating this a couple of times, start to walk a little with the puppy dog on the leash. If the puppy follows you, fuss over him and give him a treat. In case he will not follow, which all too often is the case the first time around, start all over again. Once he begins to follow you without resistance, try walking a little bit more each and every time. Your pup will soon learn to be lead, without him even noticing he is doing something he may not want to do.

The question of how do you leash train puppy dog will not be resolved instantly. You ought to continue working with your pup often, as any training ought to be ongoing. The more training and practice your pup gets, the more at home with the leash he will become.

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    2010 Nov 09

    Good article, I agree with giving small treats for good behavior.

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