Training your puppy yourself will take some decision making on your part.You will need to make a decison on which technique to use.    Several different  techniques are available to select from with many dog training books available . Rewards training, crate training, clicker training and others.  Two of the most popular methods are:

Rewards training.
One of the most popular methods is rewards training, it is humane and very efficient and obviously based on rewarding your dog for following your instructions.
Clicker training is a dog training method involving the use of a device known as a clicker.Another method of dog training is clicker training.
This is how it works:  Get the dog used to the clicker sound and relating that sound to a treat,  once he is used to that you can almost see your  dog salivating when he hears the clicker.

Believe me when he gets in this mode he will do anything to please you. Remember,   dog training doesn’t happen straightaway you must be patient.  A couple of minutes at a time with long breaks in between will do the trick.  Don’t  make the mistake of spending too much time all at once as your dog will get bored and lose interest and you will become frustrated.

Crate Training

Crate training is a popular method of house training your dog. Dogs love to be in confined space and like to have that space tidy, so he will hold on until you free him from the crate.  You must be vigilant here and don’t make the dog wait too long.  Regular breaks and he will get into the routine. This should only take a week or so,  Some pick up in a couple of days.

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