Cowboy Costumes For Halloween!

 You’ll have lots of fun as a cowboy or cowgirl for Halloween!  

 A good old fashioned cowboy outfit is a Halloween costume choice that just never gets old.

Now you just need to figure out which cowboy or cowgirl outfit is right for you.  How do you decide what kind of cowboy you want to be when there’s so many costume choices …you can keep it upbeat   and fun  and go with a slapstick kind of look by wearing an oversized 10-gallon cowboy hat and oversized chaps and just be a little on the goofy side.   Or take it to the other end of the spectrum and come as a steely-eyed outlaw by wearing a dark mysterious cowboy costume with a bandolier, boots & spurs, and a long duster coat…you’ll be the baddest cowboy in town. 

Check out these ideas for specific cowboy characters that would make great Halloween cowboy costumes:

Old West Character Costume Ideas  :  Wrangler, barman, saloon gal, preacher, undertaker, the town doctor, bounty hunter, banker, gambler, drifter, telegraph operator, prospector, rancher, drifter, gunslinger, circuit judge, bandito, school teacher, singing cowboy

Real Life Cowboys & Cowgirls :  Black Bart, Doc Holiday, Billy the Kid, Jessie James, Calamity Jane, the Sundance Kid, Judge Roy Bean, Belle Starr, Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Wild Bill Hickok, Annie Oakley

Movie or TV Cowboys  :  Marshall Dillon, Miss Kitty, the Marlboro Man, Pecos Bill & Sweet Foot Sue, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, The Lone Ranger, Cisco Kid, The Rifleman, Ben Cartwright, Little Joe, Hoss, Artemus Gordon or James West from The Wild Wild West, City Slicker

You’ll be stunned at the wide range of cowboy costumes that are available for purchase.  Cowboy outfits are available in grownup sizes and plus sizes for men & women, and you’ll also find sizes for teens kids, and babies.  Of course the family pet is not to be left out and you’ll find some adorable cowboy costumes for pets too. 

Use some Cowboy Slang or Tell an Old West Story or Joke or Recite Cowboy verse:

Once you’ve made your decision about which cowboy outfit you’re going to wear, you can make your Halloween or costume party even more fun by being ready with some “old west sayings” or possibly even be prepared to tell a tall tale or a joke about the wild west!  It will take just a little effort on your part to do a little research to come up with a fun cowboy story or joke, and everyone will reap the rewards of your efforts.  If you’re able to come up with an exciting but true story or a classic cowboy poem, then all the better because how often do you get the chance to combine a little history and fun at the same time!

For your convenience we’ve included some old west words & phrases you can interject into your conversation to give it that good ol’ cowboy feel: 

  • reckon
  • fetch
  • skedaddle
  • git along little dogies 
  • yer (your)
  • critters
  • stumped
  • you got a burr under your saddle
  • wrangle up
  • young un
  • rustlin’
  • yellow-bellied coward
  • this un’s mine, that un’s yourn 
  • I’ve got a notion to…
  • hold yer britches
  • good fer nuthin’
  • rootin-tootin
  • a lick and a promise
  • tumbleweed
  • stick ’em up 
  • whoa nellie
  • heap of trouble
  • tough as nails
  • back in the saddle again
  • hoe down 
  • this town ain’t big enough for the two of us
  • yee-haw

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Some suggested “search terms” for Cowboy Stories & Poetry:  cowboy tales, cowboy tall tales, cowboy campfire tales, cowboy folklore, cowboy poetry

Skedaddle on over to your shin dig in yer new cowboy duds and have yerself some fun!

And don’t you ferget that yer gonna be lookin’ plum purdy and them other folks might be a little jealous, so you best be careful in them thar  cowboy duds and yer smooth talkin’ ways!!!

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