Medicating Fido

We are on track for farming. We’ve purchased our seven acres and are starting to figure out what we want to get done this winter in order to be best prepared to plant in the spring. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Before we can start to prep the fields, we need to fix up the house, plus build a secondresidential construction. I’ve been doing a lot of hunting on construction possibilities for the latter project. I’m really excited, and spend hours scouring the Net for information on all sorts of topics.

The thing my heart is most joyful about at this second is our new dog. Yes, we’re getting a farm dog! There’s plenty of information on the web about different breeds, and it sounds like a border collie is the right choice for us. They’re great herders, and so friendly with both kids and livestock. Lots of people say they’re the smartest dogs. Out on the farm, in the middle of nowhere, the dog will have plenty of room to roam. He can help us in herding the animals (not to mention the kids!) and will be a good companion in the cold, winter months. My aunt had a border collie called Charles who was a ton of fun when we visited. I’ve always wanted to have a dog, but thought it was a bit cruel to keep one cooped up in an apartment in the city. Well, here’s my chance! New opportunities for so many things….

So I’ve been looking into caring for our new dog. I never even had a puppy as a kid, since my dad felt the same way as I do about penning a dog up (or I guess I feel the same way he does). Since we’re looking at living a sustainable lifestyle, I’m looking into organic or natural dog foods, or even discovering recipe options. On the other hand, I’m not so anti-modernity that I have anything against providing the right prescriptions. I found this site that seems to have good prices. It looks like Heartgard is the most important one to get, plus of course some sort of flea and tick protection, since the farm seems to be a tick haven.

I can’t wait to have our new collie. We’ll have to see how the kids do around dogs first. They’ve never spent much time near them before. But I’m not too worried. They’re very excited, too, and can’t wait for life on the farm. Of course, they have no real idea of the hardships farm life entails, but I know they’ll be up to the challenge. And a new puppy is just the thing to sweeten the beginning few months. Now to go ahead and buy those dog medications!

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