How to remove dog ear mites

An ear mite infestation can severely affect the quality of a dog’s life. A dog infested with ear mites will suffer from severe itching so that the pet will continuously shake and scratch the head. In an effort to relieve the terrible itching, the pet will be seen rubbing the face against surfaces. Ear mites are tiny organisms that are hardly seen by the naked eye. These very small spider-like parasites thrive on the moist area of the ear canal and feed on ear wax and epidermal debris. These organisms will burrow into the skin causing extreme itching so that the incessant scratching of the infected dog will result to bleeding ears. The violent shaking would break small blood vessels causing the formation of hematomas. The scratching will result to bleeding infected skin that will have a foul odor.

Dogs are well loved pets thus a pet parent would naturally be concerned. This parasite infestation cannot be transmitted humans but other pets in the household are at risk. Fortunately ear mite infestation can be easily eradicated. There are a number of home remedies and over the counter medications that will eradicate the infestation. Bacterial and fungal ear infections can be mistaken for the infection caused by ear mites thus for a treatment to be effective it would be necessary to have the correct diagnosis.

The infestation can be controlled with over the counter medications. This type of OTC medications have insecticides as its main component thus the ear mites will be killed but the incubating eggs will not be affected. An ear mite has a 21 day cycle thus the medication must be used continuously for the same period to ensure that the mature ear mites and the newly hatched ones will be eliminated.

Topical medications with antibiotic can be used as well. Because infected ears are painful, the owner may find it hard to apply the topical medication as the pet will resist. For pets that would not tolerate direct treatment, injections that can be given weekly or every two weeks would be a better alternative. This form of treatment must be administered by vets as some dogs would have adverse reactions to the medication.

Ear mite eradication can be done at home by using mineral oil. This can be done by applying a generous amount of mineral oil and massaging the ear to smoother the parasites. Mineral oil treatment must be repeated until the infestation is controlled.

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