During this holiday season, it’s time to make your dog feel special .  Why not give your pooch the finest in luxury dog gifts?  As the weather gets colder, your pets will need warm dog dresses and even warmer designer dog beds .  To dispel the chill in the air, it would be nice to splurge on dog and owner gift baskets full of treats .

If we’re to put a name to the simplest yet most meaningful gift ever, it would be a customized dog collar complete with your pet’s name engraved it.  It not only marks your ownership of a dog; it also goes a step further toward friendship – a real, lasting relationship between you and your pet.

For your extraordinary pet, what you’re going to get is no ordinary dog collar.  Out of the wide assortment of dog collars out there, it’s got to be a very special one.

So if you’re to turn them into luxury dog gifts, here are two of the best alternatives in dog collars :

1. Leather dog collars

Your first choice would be basic but strong leather collars.  These collars are so durable not only because of the leather material itself but also due to the reinforced stitching .

Cut out to be flat, these collars are soft and supple on the skin .  They are also very flexible so they won’t irritate your dog or choke him even when hes on the move .  Designed for all-weather use, they are also very resistant to stain and odor .

They also show the most classic designs and colors .  If you’re more on the conservative but safe side, you can never go wrong with the most basic primary and secondary colors in solids and plains.

If you want to be a little more creative, you can get a leather dog collar that matches your dogs leash or harness .  Better yet, select one or a few which match and complement your dog’s eyes or coat.  Some of these collars can be custom-made with your dogs name inscribed in it .

Superior in strength and durability, leather collars won’t let you down.  They are ideal for medium- to large-sized dog breeds.  They will suit hardy breeds like the Bulldog, the Pitbull, the Mastiff, and all their many varieties.

2. Rhinestone dog collars

Who says it’s only pooches and poodles that can get away with a rhinestone dog collar ?  Any favorite pet is special enough to deserve this gorgeous collar.

It’s one which is bejeweled and studded with gem stones.  Aside from gems and jewels, these collars could also be adorned with charms of different themes.

More like a type of jewelry than collar, these fancy dog accessories are custom-made by very creative designers .  They cater to the needs of dog lovers and aficionados who are so adoring of their pets .

If the occasion calls for luxury dog gifts, then be prepared to spend on the most special gift you can afford for your pet.  Priceless as your dog is, your gift will become even more meaningful if it comes – not just out of your pocket – but straight from your heart!

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