Dogs are truly man’s most loyal and affectionate pets. These affectionate creatures have become man’s silent best friends – always ready to offer comfort and protection. It would not be surprising then if dogs are considered to be the most pampered pets. Keeping a dog can hurt the budget but pet owners are always ready to spend money for the health and the comfort of the pet. Humans and dogs have grown so close but it would still be impossible for us to know what the dog feels and thinks. Dog owners that notice anything unusual about the pet would worry more so because the pet don’t have the ability to complain what is wrong with them.

The bond dogs form with the human family is legendary. Pet owner would always want to have the pet on sight and pets would also want to stay close to the master. It is really quite amusing to see pet parents that can’t seem to take the eyes off the pet. Dogs are allowed to sleep with the master and a loving owner would usually watch the sleeping pet. Imagine what a loving owner will feel if the sleeping pet is seen shaking. Most dog owners would know about canine seizures thus it can be assumed that the sleeping and shaking dog is having a seizing episode.

The shaking of the sleeping dog can be a symptom of an illness. An uncomfortable feeling can make a sleeping dog shake too. A dog that is made to sleep in an inadequate shelter outside the home will shake if the weather is cold. Puppies that have crawled away from the dam would shake too while sleeping as they don’t have the mother’s warmth.

The dog though may not have a medical concern and the shaking can be attributed to a dream. Dogs have a reputation for being great sleepers. Once the dog has reached the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep, the dog, similar to humans would dream. Just like in humans, a dog that dream is experiencing again what has happened when it was awake.

Sleep walking or talking in their sleep happens when a person dreams. The same is true with dogs. The dreaming dog will be terrified of the giant rabbits thus the dog would shake.

Abused dogs are noticed to have more shaking incidents as it is believed that the dog will relieve the traumatic experience while sleeping. Dogs would have happy dreams because these are happy animals but nightmares that makes the dog shake cannot be avoided. Although dogs would snap out of the nightmare, your presence would help calm the pet.

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