Golden Retrievers are unbelievably intelligent  and loyal to a fault , magnificent and adoring , and make great additions to almost every home . These dogs are very lovable and do all that they can to be loved by their owners. Because of their mostly sweet personalities, they quickly become a part of the family that could not be replaced . Because of this, there are a few  health issues common to this breed that any Golden Retriever owner should be aware of.

Some people wonder why their Golden Retriever sometimes drags their behind on the ground . If you see your Golden Retriever doing this, it is a good idea to take them to a vet to have their anal glands examined . Some dogs have trouble with their anal expressions. Vets are trained to identify problems in this area so they can help you fix anything that may be a problem.

The social well being of the Golden Retriever dog should also be considered . This breed is a very social breed and they love to be a part of the action. If you are having a few friends overhaving people over or just hanging out in the house with your family, your dog will want to be involved.

If you keep him or her locked outside while the gathering is taking place, they will be miserable . While this is something that must be done occasionally, keeping them outside and on their own indefinitely of time is not a good idea .

You will need to be consistent with your pet and be patient as you train them. They respond well and can be fairly easy to train if you are willing and able to work with them. They love to be interacted with so using positive reinforcement is a great way to teach them to be responsible dogs and to keep them from doing things that are destructive and possibly hazardous , which can cause serious outcomes.

Your dog’s nails should be trimmed every month . You can do it at home so you do not have the added expense of paying a grooming bill. If you begin caressing the pads on their feet when they are puppies, they will be much less likely to have a problem with you cutting their nails at home. You just need to get them relaxed with people touching their feet. Cutting their nailsoften will keep them from having foot problems in the future.

This breed is known to have certain health problems as they age . They include elbow and hip dysplasia, epilepsy, cataracts, allergies, thyroid disorders, and congenital heart disease. The onset of many of these conditions can be delayed, if not prevented completely, with the right care and treatment.

Keeping your dogs weight down to a reasonable level is a great way to do this. You can do this by Edit this text buying certain low calorie dog foods and by taking them on walks frequently.

Golden Retrievers are excellent family dogs. They can live for 12-15 years as long as they are well taken care of, years that will bring you and your family joy and priceless memories.

Kevin Taylor is a Golden Retriever Trainer and breeding enthusiast , and enjoys helping others get started in this awesome hobby by sharing information about golden retriever health

His newest book,”The Ultimate Golden Retriever Training & Care Guide,” teaches Golden Retriever owners and trainers everything they need to know about training and caring for their pet.

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