Why do dogs cry at night

Because dogs are lively and high spirited animals they are the most popular choice for a pet. The seemingly grinning face and the enthusiastically wagging tail are trademarks of man’s best friends. Animal lovers can have any kind of animal for a pet but very few can have the affectionate and the happy personality of dogs. Dogs make wonderful pets because of the loads of fun they give the family but these pets are not without faults.

Dogs are very fortunate animals as not only are they given TLC but they are also considered as surrogate children of the family. Puppies will entertain the family the whole day with their endearing antics but it would be a different matter when it is time to sleep. Puppies and babies are very much alike – sleeping and playing during the day and crying the whole night. Puppies are more prone to crying at night but mature dogs cry at night too. Why are dogs crying at night?

If you have taken home a puppy from the breeder, expect to have a sleepless night. Having a new pet is exciting thus the puppy will have the attention of the family. The puppy that will be left alone when the playmates retire to sleep will start to feel lonely. Because no one would be playing with the puppy it would start to miss the mother and the litter mates. The dark unfamiliar place will also be frightening thus the puppy would cry to get the attention of the new family.

Older dogs cry at night too. The reason for crying though would be different from what makes puppies cry at night. We know that dogs need to have interaction with the family because they are social animals. While human’s best friends are very energetic animals they are noted to be good sleepers as well.

A dog that is alone all day will be bored thus it would either sleep all day or manifest a destructive behavior. Your pet that has been sleeping the whole day would be very much “alive” at night and would expect to play and bond with the family. The dog will not understand that nighttime is “recharging” time for humans. The dog that is once again alone will cry. Crying at night can be as simple as wanting to go outside to potty. The crying dog may be sick. Although going to the dog every time it cries is not recommended as it will reinforce this unwanted habit, an owner must also verify if the crying dog is sick.

Why do dogs cry at night? This and questions about first aid for dogs are answered at Sarah’s Dogs.

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