For any true dog lover, dressing your best friend in cute dog costumes is tons of fun! Regardless of whether you have a small dog or a big dog there is an easy to put on outfit that is perfect for them for Trick or Treat Night or just a brief walk around the neighborhood.

Two of my most loved outfits of all time are the dog bee costume and the dog pirate costume.

Little pooches make great bees! What I like is that the outfit is convenient to get into because little dogs have small legs and this can be difficult to try to guide a little leg into a costume sleeve . You can buy bee outfits that use velco straps and no sleeves, or have very little sleeves which make putting your dog into and out of the outfit easy .

Small dog breeds such as poodles, Pomeranians, daschunds and terriers look very adorable dressed as a yellow and black buzzing bee. Preferred outfits have a hood which has the antennae attached. This makes it easy to complete the look because the majority of dogs will effortlessly wear the hood better than trying to fit a hat on there heads .

Large breeds always look good dressed as a pirate of course it will work for littler dogs like   pugs and terriers also . It mostly comes down to knowing your dog’s personality. Perhaps my top pick breed of dog to dress in the pirate costume is the Bulldog. These burly dogs just fit the pirate!

You can get outfits for any breed of dog on the web and the selection is so great that you can be able to get the perfect costume to match your dog’s unique personality. If you have a cute little one at home you may want to get a bee costume and if you have a, well…Grumpy Gus that you live with , then I highly recommend the pirate costume. Tons of laughs !

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