If you love your dog to pieces, then why not buy it bits and pieces of the most impressive designer dog apparel ?  You can dress them in the fanciest dog collars and designer dog dresses just waiting to be worn .  There’s also a whole collection of designer dog beds and dog and owner gift baskets waiting to be carried home .

Delving into the world of dog dresses

You’ll feel like a real fashionista once you set your mind on dressing up your pet to impress .  Once you get your creative juices running , you’ll have a constant supply of new ideas for costumes and dresses .  There’s always something new to consider !  

Halloween and Christmas are the most common times to dress up your dog, but they’re not the only occasions to inspire you.  Your dog’s birthday, adoption date, a homecoming party, graduation party, arrival of a new puppy, and other milestones in both the canine and human life are excellent times to show off your pet and draw attention to it .

Dogs will let you dress them if you get the right size of clothing that is appropriate for their shape and height .  Designer dog dresses range from extra-small to extra-large sizes so you’ve got no excuse to hit or miss .  

A dog that likes to dress up and is comfortable wearing an outfit will carry it well .  Play dress-up as a princess, a rocker, a sports fan , you name it.  It’s enough to give Paris Hilton a run for her crown.  You pet will be the best dressed pooch on the block and you wil be a fashion icon among dog lovers .

Going in circles over dog collars

For an owner like you who’s closely bonded with your pet , you’re attached to each other by more than bonds of love and affection.  You also attached to your pet by a leash by your joint habit of taking brisk walks around the block , strolls in the park, and romps in the open spaces.

Your dog’s collar is part of this connection, and that’s what matters .  It’s there where you’ve given your dog a name and stated where it lives – and that’s with you.  You’ve accepted yourself as the owner and the dog has taken your lead.

So to accessorize those hip dog dresses, pair them with coordinating leather dog collar or fancy rhinestone collars that sparkle .

Carried away by bike baskets and dog baskets

Now that your dog has his new apparel you are ready to show it off when riding around on your bike with your dog in a bike basket .  You and your pooch would be a sight to behold when flashing around in these stylish and adorable dog clothes .

If your pets are comfortable within your bike basket and in the clothes they’re wearing, then they won’t paw on it at all .  Perhaps they will even give it an appreciative bark along with the rest of the dogs.  This will make you itch even more to pamper your pet with the next theme outfit .

At the end of the day, it’s nice to come home and relax with the goodies inside a dog and owner gift basket .  Feed on gourmet treats made for both of you .  Done with dressing in dog apparel to impress , you’re ready to rest, relax, and enjoy.

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