Camping with a Canine

What better way is there to savor autumn than by a camping trip, and what better companionship than your dog? Dogs love nature, in all probability even more than you do, and they get vim and spirit when allowed outside for long periods of time. A sultry summertime may have meant hiding from the swelter inside your air conditioned home, and this means your pup hasn’t gone on as many treks as he can in the springtime and fall. There are myriad trips you bring your dog on, but camping is an event that will make a fantastic experience for both of you.

If you can manage a tenting trip without a dog, you can almost certainly enjoy one with your dog. You’ll hardly even require many more supplies with you. You just need enough to ensure his health and comfort. Of course you’ll need to bring plenty of dog food. You can easily pack this up in its store packaging. If you have a bottomless tent, then your dog may be able to sleep right in there with you. If you don’t, then you’ll probably want to consider dog crates. A crate will provide some protection from other animals and the weather, depending on the type. I like to put one of these inside my dog’s crate when camping. You’ll also have to have a leash and a tether for the daytime. You should confine your dog to your campsite, at least if you’re using a public campground. But be sure he has pretty much the whole run of that area, so a tether’s crucial.

Lastly, make sure all of your dog’s vaccinations and your dog permit are current. Also make sure that he is well identified with tags. Your dog will encounter many different wildlife and people while camping with you, and you need to make sure he’s safe.

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