Dog health problems are very numerous and they make the object of study for a special area of veterinary medicine given the close relationship between dogs and humans. Infectious diseases are the major threat, and the general procedure is to keep them under control by thorough periodical vaccination. Rabies is the best example here. Over-breeding and the efforts to preserve breed purity have also led to a whole range of genetic anomalies.

Greater health is specific to mixed breeds. Nevertheless, they are not safe from viruses, obesity, diabetes and other nutrition-related ailments. The similarity between dogs and humans is striking here, because diseases don’t have preferences. Ticks are also responsible for some very nasty diseases too. The same holds true for leptospirosis, a disease cause by a bacteria with which you or the animal can get infected through water, urine, food or soil contamination.

We’ve just mentioned a few of the potential dog health problems that can have a higher impact on the owner too. Nevertheless, the list is extremely long and the topic would take thousands of pages to exhaust. What you should keep in mind is that PREVENTION of disease is what matters most. Follow the recommendations below to preserve your dog’s health.

Perform the vaccinations required from early age, and then continue with periodical medical check ups.

Do not allow flees, ticks and worms to proliferate. With a single product you can get rid of all three health risks.

Groom and wash your dog periodically

Pay attention to nutrition. It should match the dog’s age, breed and preferences. Buy organic dog food and don’t offer sweets as treats.

Create a good physical training program, with walking and running in the park so that the dog stays fit regardless of its age.

Avoid dog exposure to chemicals and hazardous products around the house.

Routine prevention is possible if you do a bit of reading on your dog’s immediate needs and prevent dog health problems. Negligence and lack of responsibility towards your pet is a crime and some people have ended up in jailed because of mistreating their pets. The owner’s attitude also marks the dog’s well being. Love and affection are mutual and they grow together; their absence usually leads to behavior issues on the part of the animal.

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  1. 1 Tanya
    2010 Nov 19

    I think that the best “medicine” is prevention. Feeding the best available meaty diet to your dog is the first step toward good health. Then, adding a good supplement, feeding quality treats, exercising your pet…these are all great ways to keep a dog healthy.

    There’s an online free health guide that will give you suggestions for diet, natural solutions, etc. for your pet. It’s the perfect place to start. It’s at