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“How do I stop my dog from digging?” This is a commonissue I see many dog owners deal with atsome point, it can be incrediblyirritating to come home to find your garden looking like a minefield because of your dog’s actions, the only way you can really stop your dog digging is toobserve him in the act in order to know the reason why he does this.
1 of the most common causes I’veobserved is that the dog is over-stimulated, he’s built up so much energy during the day that he is means that are natural to him to consume it, an obvious technique to rectify thiswould be to take him on additional regular orextended walks, or even take him down to the park and play fetch with him, any activity you can think of that can keep him up and moving will beadvantageous to both your dog and your plants!
Your dog may simply just be bored and seeking  waysto fill his time through the destruction of your garden, this is most common if your dog spends a considerable amount of time alone, you must remember that digging is an entertaininghobby for your dog and if no one is actively playing with him and he has absolutely nothing better to do, he will look forhis own entertainment. A tell-tale indication of boredom digging is typically accompanied with barking. If this is the cause, a suggested way to stop your dog digging is to pay him more attention, play with him, take him on walks or provide him withnumerous toys for when you are not there, these littlegestures may make asignificant difference in your dog’s actions.
If the digging is a periodic activity, ordinarily taking place in the summer months, then your dog maybe digging this holes for a cooling pit for himself as he is toowarm, if this is the case then you should provide a cool shaded area for him in your garden, if you lack trees or other large objects that offer shade after thatthink about purchasing a small child size paddling pool to relieve your dog, thismight be the ideal approach to stop your dog digging.
One explanation that is commonlyunnoticed by dog owners is that their dog may be digging in order to hidebones, this course of action is innate in them and may feel as if they have to, this can bedifficult ritual for the dog to break free from as it is anormal procedure for them. It iscritical that you recify his behaviour whilsthe is still in the act as opposed to later as he will notbe aware of why he’s being shouted at, use assertiveterminology which he can become used to for instance ‘bad dog’ or even arm yourself with a water pistol and squirt him in the face as the digging is occurring, it might take some time, however this isdefinitely a provenmethod to stop your dog digging.
If you have tried all of the exercises mentioned above and none of them have been effective, then it may be that your dog has a lot of of astrong relationship with digging for you to fix,purchasing a sandbox as a specified area for your dog to dig may be mostbeneficial to you, for addedhelpfulness, bury ‘treasures’ and ‘treats’ for your dog to discover in the sandbox and reward him for finding them, if younotice that your dog still strays back to digging in places heshould not you could use tricks like burying water bombs or even the dogs own excrement to give him a not very pleasant past experiences of digging there.


Hope this aids your stop dog digging needs, thanks for reading

by Ruchi Vasishta

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