Dogs are wonderful pets to have around but an allergic reaction to dog dander will prevent people from enjoying the affectionate and loyal companionship of a dog. Dogs are commonly blamed for the clogged nose, watery eyes, the sneezing and the general feeling of fatigue. An allergic reaction believed to be caused by dog hair would prevent a dog lover from taking a dog for a pet. Some breeds are hyped to be hypoallergenic but a person that was weakened by allergies would think twice to get a dog.

The belief that all dogs can trigger an allergic reaction will make some people avoid these loving and loyal animals. Contrary to the notion that dogs make people suffer from allergy symptoms, it is actually dog dander that causes the sneezing, watery eyes and clogged nose. Dog dander is dead skin that is continuously shed by a dog. The dander that is continuously shed by the dog will accumulate on the dog’s fur and on any other surfaces. Because dogs are hugged and cuddled, the dander can easily transfer to the clothes of the dog owners. Once the dander gets airborne it will stick to other surfaces and remain in the environment. A person sensitive to these allergens will start to exhibit allergic symptoms once the dander is inhaled.

Its true dog dander can cause an allergic attack but something can be done so that people will be allowed to have a dog for a pet. Dog dander remains in the environment for a long time thus getting rid of the dog will not stop allergy attacks. Total removal of dog dander is not possible but a dog owner can reduce dog dander inside the home.

Good grooming would do a lot to lessen the amount of dog dander. By brushing the coat regularly, dead hair will be removed and the good condition of the skin will be maintained as the natural oils will be properly distributed. Because the good condition of the skin is maintained the amount of dry skin being shed by the dog will be lessened. To reduce the amount of dander inside the house grooming the dog must be done outside. Bathe the dog regularly using moisturizing shampoo to maintain the good condition of the skin.

Carpets and rugs would give the home a regal and cozy look but these are very efficient dander catchers. Take out and use the vacuum cleaner more often especially on the nooks and crannies of the home and clean the surrounding regularly to remove a significant amount of dog dander.

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