Ear mites are one of the banes of a dog’s existence. Although microscopic in size, ear mite infestation can easily spread to other pets of the family. Because of the minute size you would never think that an ear mite can cause the dog great discomfort. You can just imagine the distress a dog would feel if the ear canal has thousands of scurrying feet and thousands of mouths that continuously gnaw the skin.

Through physical contact, these pesky ear mites can transfer from one pet to another. This means that if one pet is infested by these microscopic bugs, the possibility that the infestation will spread to other pets in the household is rather high. The size of the ear mites makes it rather hard to recognize the infestation more so if the owners do not usually check or clean the ears of the dog.

You may think that the pet is trying to amuse you if it keeps on turning in circles. It is possible that the dog has ear mites feeding on the moist area of the ear canal and the pet is trying to dislodge the tiny critters that are causing severe itching. Severe infestation will have serious effects on the dog as once the ear is plugged with the ear mites, the dog that losses its balance can no longer walk in a straight line. Seizure is a manifestation of severe ear mite infestation. Repeated head shaking and scratching can cause raw bleeding skin that commonly leads to bacterial infection. A dog can loss its sense of hearing if the ear drum is ruptured because the infection was not given appropriate treatment.

Fortunately, this kind of parasite infestation can be easily eradicated. For the safety of the dog, the appropriate treatment must be given thus, an owner has to make sure that the discomfort that depresses the dog is caused by ear mite infestation. Ear mites feed on the skin oils and ear wax found on the surface of the ear canal and leave coffee-ground like discharge. These crusty black exudates are composed of blood and pus.

An application of mineral oil is one good way of eradicating ear mites. Use an eye dropper to apply the mineral oil to the dog’s ear. By massaging the ears, the exudates will be softened and the ear mites will be killed as well. Some dog owners would use OTC medications. These parasites can exist in the environment even without a host. To totally eradicate the infestation it would be best to wash the dog’s things with hot water.

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