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If your dog is continuously barking or you’re tired of being embarrassed when you take your dog for a stroll and he keeps barking at other canines then at some stage your going to say there must be a way to stop it. You’re not by yourself; dog owners throughout the world have a similar problem. And of course quite a few grievances from neighbours as well.

Don’t worry, there’s quite a bit of gear on the market including House Training A Dog or a  Dog Training DVD that can help you, it just depends on how much you wish to spend.

The spray collars emit a spray of citronella below the dog’s face, they clearly get a good smell and taste of it which they certainly don’t like. Some collars are a little hefty for the smaller dogs, but on our Poodle which is only a foot in height at the shoulder it seemed OK and worked well.

Shock collars function on the basis that when the dog starts to bark they hear a beep, if they start barking once again they get a gentle electrical shock. Persistent barking results in the shock becoming a little stronger. A lot of these models get quite good evaluations and the shock the dog gets is simply a little static shock that startles the dog.

An additional system makes use of a microphone that picks up the sound of your dog barking inside of a distinct radius, it then emits a shrill sound that can’t be heard by humans, this puzzles the dog; however quite a few canines quickly get use to it and merely disregard the sound. These items can also use a lot of battery power.

After reading quite a few evaluations on different methods I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no “quick~fix” and that you may have to try various diverse strategies to handle the barking.


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