House training a dog

House training, house breaking, potty training or toilet training refers to teaching the dog when and where to go to the bathroom or to the designated toilet area. Every member of the family would want to cuddle and play with the dog but if the pet had an accident no one would want to be saddled with the task of cleaning the mess created by the pet. The ease or the difficulty of house training the dog will basically depend on the persistence and on the methods used by the dog owner. As with any other kind of training undertaken to modify the behavior of the dog, the success of house breaking will depend more on the dog owner rather than on the dog.

House breaking the puppy is not the responsibility of the breeder. All the aspects of housebreaking a dog will be much easier if started as soon as the puppy is taken home from the breeder. Any person that have had the opportunity of living in a home with dog will notice that these animals form habits.

Dogs generally defecate and urinate in the same area. Your task then is to prevent the dog from using the carpet as its bathroom and guiding the pet to the designated area. The dog has to be supervised but busy owners would find this task difficult. Don’t be disheartened as dogs being intelligent animals would adapt to the potty training in a very short time.

You need to designate an area to be the dog’s very own toilet. Suitable areas can be the garage, a corner of the bathroom or in the yard. You have to take the dog to the designated area after waking up, after eating and before sleeping at night as it is during these times that dogs need to do their business. A pat or a praise given after the dog has eliminated in the correct place will make the dog repeat the good deed again. Dogs that are allowed to roam inside the house can have accidents thus an owner need to know the telltale signs that the dog is about to do its business so that it can be taken to the designated place right away.

Dogs make wonderful companions but these animals are entirely dependent on their owners. Getting a dog for a pet entails a huge responsibility as aside from the food and the care that must be provided for the dog, various training will also be necessary to mold the dog into a wonderful individual that will be significant member of the family

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