How to take care of a dog

Dog enthusiasts are inclined to extol on the admirable qualities of human’s best friends. The dog will be a dependable helper and protector as well as a friend that will provide not only happy moments but also immeasurable affection and loyalty. Caring for a dog though would be a big responsibility. The care that a dog needs is not unlike the care given to a baby. Remember, a dog will entirely depend on its owner for their dietary, health and social needs. A dog would mean a significant addition to the family’s expenditures too. A dog would not only mean financial investment but time investment as well. If you have decided to get a dog for a pet it is assumed that you have considered providing the pet with all its needs.

High quality nutrient rich food equals fit and healthy pet. An owner wanting to scrimp would give the pet inexpensive food but of course it can affect the health of the pet. Good quality dog food may cost a little more but these foods contain all the essential vitamins and minerals that will guarantee the dog’s proper growth. Dogs are happy eaters and doting pet owners may not be able to resist the pleading looks of the pet. However, over feeding would result to obesity that can be the cause of some health concerns.

Generally, dogs are energetic animals. As such, the pet would have high exercise requirements. Dogs need to have some form of exercise. Walking the dog around the block would be okay but a pet that is taken to a dog park once in a while would give the dog a chance to socialize with other dogs.

Another dog care essential is grooming. Dogs are considered as family members thus they are cuddled, kissed, petted and allowed to sleep with the family. Regular grooming is necessary to improve the looks of the pet. Grooming the dog allows the owner to see any parasite infestation. Veterinary care is an important part of pet care that is often neglected by pet owners. Veterinary bills can be a burden but veterinary care is a very important part of pet care that can save the family from more expenses and even heartaches if the pet got sick and dies.

Socialization and obedience training is as well necessary to mold the dog into an ideal pet. Dogs that have undergone obedience training will be well mannered, an indication of the kind of care given by the owner.

How do you take care of a dog? Sarah’s Dogs have more answers to this as well as information on dog first aid.

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