Teaching Your Dog New Tricks

I know you’ve all heard that famous phrase – “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, well, are the individuals who make that assumption correct? In a way they are. An older dog will take a heck of a lot more training and dedication from its handler than a younger dog will, basically because an older dogs mind is a lot more “set” in its ways. This is usually because an older dog already has set ways of behaving which he or she thinks are correct and are used to. Changing these ways through teaching the dog new tricks could be difficult.
However, teaching an older dog new tricks is not totally impossible. You have to be a little bit stricter on an older dog because they have a lot more intelligence than a puppy and know how to drive you round the bend. An older dog will more likely do something if he thinks its his idea rather than yours, for example if he goes to sit , say sit and then praise him, he will think it was his idea and if you keep on repeating this process sooner or later you will have him sitting on command. This method will work for many of the commands, like fetch, come, stay and heel.
Whilst training an older dog is harder work, it still needs to be accomplished. You will have a better dog in the end for it.
If you like, you can join a training class with your dog, send your dog to training school and treat your dog by purchasing new toys. You will then find that the bond between you and your dog becomes all be unbreakable.

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