Dog owners should be responsible enough not to let their pets wander as being curious animals that are predisposed to chasing motorists, the pet can be hit by a car. Do you know what must be done if you hit a dog with your car? Would you pull over and stop or would drive on thinking that it is JUST a dog anyway? Stopping would mean assuming the veterinary bills for the treatment of the injured dog.

Being considered as members of the family, dogs are well loved and highly valued pets. Think how the loving owners will react if the dog died. The accident may not be your fault as you are a careful driver and the dog is a noted car chaser but ignoring the accident can result to the death of the dog. The dog could have been saved if only you took the trouble to stop and help.
Even self-confessed non-animal lovers would not want to be the cause of a dog’s death. If you hit someone’s pet with your car the law requires you to stop and assume the responsibility of helping the animal. You can be taken to court for not assuming the responsibility for the injured dog. A dog hit by a car must be removed from the road not only because it will be a road hazard to other motorists but also to prevent the injured dog from sustaining more injuries from oncoming cars.

You need to help the dog but be sure that you are not risking your life as injured dogs can act irrationally because of shock and pain. A blanket can be used to cover the head, a tie or a belt can be used as a muzzle to prevent the dog from biting. Small dogs can be easily lifted to the side of the road. Large dogs can be moved by using a blanket as a stretcher.

Injuries sustained from car accidents can range from minor bruises to grave internal injuries that can result to the death of the dog. The injured dog must have prompt medical attention as it can have internal injuries. Call 911. The authorities will help you in taking the dog to a medical facility. Look for identification tags as one of your tasks is to notify the dog’s owners. Whether the accident is your fault or not and whether the dog survives or dies you still have to pay for the medical bills.

What to do if you hit a dog with your car? This and questions about first aid for dogs are answered at Sarah’s Dogs.

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