Curing Dog Separation Anxiety

As a dog trainer the thing I see the most often is separation anxiety issues on a daily basis. Dogs often travel in groups, eat, in groups, sleep in groups, and that is their natural way they live. Used as a defense mechanism, dogs will have separation anxiety in order to find the rest of their pack. When dogs are by themselves they are defense-less compared when they are in their usual pack. You must understand that is it their natural habitat and they is why they whine,

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One characteristic you must have when trying to cure a dog’s separation anxiety is that you need to have patience. It’s going to take a lot of repetitive training to help your dog. Leave the room for seconds at a time and if your dog stays quiet, praise him. You want to leave for 4 seconds, praise your dog if he’s quiet, and then increase the time and keep doing that. You may have to do this everyday for a few weeks until your dog gets used to getting rid of separation anxiety. Keep your patience and don’t get mad at your dog or he will just get confused.

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It’s important that you stay consistent and give your dog a treat when he does good. Positive reinforcement works better than negative reinforcement so be sure to praise your dog when he is doing good. Think of dogs like children, you want to keep teaching them right from wrong. It’s easy to get frustrated and mad when they misbehave, but never hit your dog. If you hit your dog, they will not want to be near you.

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Hopefully you have learned a bit about separation anxiety and you can help your dog be a well behaved dog.

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