When most people hear the words: “protection dog” they envision a snarling, threatening beast. In reality, a protection dog is friendly to other people when its owner does not feel threatened.Have you ever heard a person speak of a “guard dog” an envision a intimidating creature? Dogs can sense their owners anxiety, and will respond to it.  A dog which has been training to protect, is an enormous addition to any home and family.. It will work to the best of its capabilities in order to protect its possessions and its owner. Once a person acts in a way which leads to the owner feeling threatened, the trained dog will immediately go into “work mode” and will wait for the owner’s commands prior to acting.Calm-natured, patient and non-reactive canines are the best candidate to be trained as a guard or protection dog.


A guard dog is trained to look, listen and bark to alert its owner that something strange is going on. The only reward a protection dog expects is food, grooming, socialization and occasional veterinarian care. In addition, these dogs can be trained to bark extremely loudly when a car pulls in to the driveway, chase unknown animals out of an individual’s yard, and many other helpful tasks to keep your home safe. Small dog training is a good route to take if an individual has a smaller dog that they want to train as a lookout. Though smaller dogs cannot necessarily be trained as attack dogs, they can watch the house and alert their owner to the presence of aquestionable situation with potential danger.  Small dogs have definately been know to attack as well!


 Rescue dog training can also be implemented into protection training. This is actually a wise decision to make, as a dog that knows how to rescue their owner from a serious situation when the need arises is more prepared for anything that may come their way. There are many methods of rescue and protection dog training, though the most common one is with a clicker and treats. Once the dog has associated clickers and commands, the clicker will gradually be replaced with verbal commands, hand signals or a combination of both.


What you can expect from protector dog training is a loyal and steadfast companion that is unbelievably heedful to their owner’s desires and moods. After its training, a dog will be more aware of their surroundings than a typical pet dog would.  These dogs are trained to not act until it is given a command. Some guard dogs have been trained to make a person sit or stand in one place without ever biting them, until help arrives or another command is given to the dog. They are extremely patient, and would put their own lives on the line for the sake of their owner at any time of the day or night. Edit this text 

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