Coping with the death of the dog

The passing away of a dog that has been the loyal companion would distress the whole family. The loss of the loyal and affectionate pet will be deeply felt especially by the children due to the fact that dogs are usually considered as members of the family. Children are most affected as they are known to form a legendary attachment with family dogs. The death of a pet will be distressing however, the situation has to be dealt with . This will be an ideal opportunity to prepare a child to the realities of life

The body will start to smell as it begins to decompose about six hours after the dog dies. Therefore, arrangements for the disposal of the body must be done before the smell fills the house. The body has to be prepared before rigor mortis or stiffening sets in. This way you can easily position the body to prevent breakage. Body fluids can leak when the muscles slacken after the dog expired. It would be necessary to remove any excrement from the mouth, from the genital and anal areas of the dog. By tucking the legs in, the dog will appear curled up. The body is commonly wrapped in a blanket and placed in a garbage bag.

There are several ways by which you can dispose the body. One option is to have a garden burial for the dog. There can be a simple funeral service where the young master of the dog can have the opportunity to say a final goodbye for the pet. A meaningful message on a simple headstone will signify the resting place of a dear loyal friend . If a garden burial is not possible due to space constraints, the pet can be cremated or buried in a pet cemetery.

The body has to be stored in a freezer while burial arrangements are being made but if none is available at home you can call a veterinary facility or a pet cemetery to pick up the body for storage . Pet cemeteries are now the common resting place of pets. Similar to human cemeteries, animal graveyards are beautiful and well managed places.

Cremation of the pet is another option a pet parent can take. Pet crematoriums will do all the arrangements from picking up the body to spreading the ashes . Owners wishing to keep the ashes of the pet can have it delivered in an urn. This means that the loyal and loving pet can still be with the family.

What to do if your dog dies? Sarah’s Dogs have more answers to this common dog behaviour as well as information on first aid for dogs.

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