We are aware of the dog’s gargantuan appetite. Dog owners are aware that their furry friends are not choosy eaters. Look how they eat non-edible things. A well loved dog that is regularly provided with high quality food will still eat poop. Dog experts and vets would always tell us that dogs should never be allowed to eat chicken bones. This means that if your date in watching Avatar is a bucket of KFC, you need to lock the pooch in another room.

You may have prevented the dog from eating the forbidden chicken bones but the fact is – you cannot have your eyes glued to the beloved pooch at all times. What will you do if the dog has decided to raid the trash cans where you have chucked the bucket of chicken bones? Of course you cannot ask the dog to throw up the bones it has ingested. You simply need to monitor the “things” that goes out of the dog’s rear end.

Dogs have this peculiar predilection for dogs. Bones are in fact buried and considered as treasures by the dog.. Why then are chicken bones considered dangerous for the dogs? Cooking makes chicken bones brittle. Because chicken bones are brittle, they can break easily when chewed by the dog and became potentially dangerous when ingested. There is a risk that the sharp splinters can get stuck in the mouth and throat. Chicken drumstick bones are especially dangerous. Thigh bones are long and hard so that when gnawed by the dog it can break into needle sharp slivers that can create havoc in the dog’s innards.

Carefully watch a dog that has eaten chicken bones. If the bones have punctured the mouth, the stomach, and the intestines or have created a blockage, the dog would be listless and would be kind of moody. Take note of the dog’s stool. If it is tinged with blood or if the dog is straining to defecate, don’t procrastinate; take the dog to the vet’s.

In most cases though, the bones will be passed with the stool. A double ration will not only “cushion” the bones but the additional food intake will encourage the dog’s system to pass more stools. Pumpkins are touted to be effective remedies that will make the dog throw up. Wish that the bones will be thrown up by the dog.

What to do if your dog eats chicken bones? Sarah’s Dogs has more answers to this question as well as first aid for dogs.

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