You have a dog you know you also need a good strong collar.  Whether you select leather or nylon the collar must be strong and comfortable for your dog.  Make sure when you are shopping for dog collars that you find the dog collar that is not only cost effective that is most suitable for your dog.

Leather Dog Collars

Leather is all natural and will stretch to fit around the neck of almost any dog.  When selecting a collar you do not want the collar to be too tight but it should also fit snugly.  To insure a proper fit try inserting two fingers between the leather collar and your dogs skin.  If you are unable to fit both fingers comfortably you will want to loosen the collar.  Make sure the collar is not to loose or your dog is liable to escape!  Owners of hunting dogs often elect to purchase a leather collar however, if your dog has a tendency to be in and out of water a nylon collar may be better.

Nylon dog collars

Nylon dog collars will cost you less than a leather one, but it will not last quite as long as a leather one. As mentioned earlier, if your dog spends time in the water, a nylon dog collar is a better choice because they are waterproof.

Dog Collars for corrections

Tracking and training collars allow you to find and train your dog by giving correction when needed.  Owners of hunting and sporting dogs usually find these collars to be nearly indispensable for training their hunting companions.

If you have a dog, you want him to be safe and sound, but you also want him to be trained and well-behaved. Dog collars that send signals to your dog will remind him that certain behaviors are unacceptable. For those of you that own hunting dogs, this is especially important.


Dog collars can be fashionable, utilitarian, useful for tracking and training, and more.  They are what identify your dog as your own, give your dog style, and give you the tools you need to make your dog behave and be happier.  The right collar makes the difference between a dog and your dog.


No matter what kind of dog you have, choosing the right collar is essential. There are many types of good dog collars out there, and you should be able to find all the Hunting Dog Supplies you may need at your local hunting dog supply store or online. Shop around and find the perfect one for both you and your dog.


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