Three main aggressive Doberman traits are barking, jumping, and also growling. Protection and sensing danger are the only time these behaviors are justified, otherwise they need to stop. A Doberman will never act this way for any reason if he is properly trained and also has a strong leader, and in case of false alarms, he will trust you enough to comply with your orders. You’ll be able to get control of your dog and avoid a potentially dangerous situation, regardless his age, by doing a few things.

Identify the Reason

Chances are, you’re not dealing with an aggressive Doberman for no reason.You will probably find the trigger to his actions should you look hard enough. You may discover his water bowl is empty, or he is injured, or perhaps someone is hiding in the bushes, only after you yell at him. You might not realize it, but his actions could very well be justified.
It is important that you first identify the reason behind the behavior, and second, you have to intervene. You will normally stop the actions, if you eliminate the trigger.

Basic Commands

If your dog does not understand basic orders, you are going to have a hard time controlling an aggressive Doberman. A couple of words you should teach your dog as early as possible are, “No!” and “Stop!” Always be consistent with your training and also use the same word so that your dog doesn’t get baffled. If you have always used the word “No!” with your dog and then he is growling at someone, you cannot all of a sudden use the word “Stop!”  and expect him to understand you.

Never get angry at your Doberman for doing his job, that will require enabling his protective behavior. The goal is always to control the action so your dog will stop on your command, not make him feel as though he shouldn’t alert you about danger.


There is a good chance that you’re dealing with an aggressive Doberman due to the fact he’s been poorly socialized with humans and also other dogs.He is able to fulfill his role as a guard dog, and be friendly and also socialized as well. Protecting you does not necessary ensue your dog being mean. Not socializing your dog leads to him attacking out of fearfulness.

A Doberman that has been raised around other people and dogs in various situations will become self-confident and also fearless. If trained properly, a socialized Doberman will be aggressive when needed, but will likely be friendly and remain alert at other time.

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