You will also need to “supply” your hamster’s new home with toys and an exercise wheel to prevent boredom and also to help keep your pet fit and healthy. The trick is to provide as stimulating an environment as possible without overcrowding your hamster’s cage.

Wire hamster cages are among the most plain and commonly used cages. The advantages of wire cages are that they’re comparatively cheap and easy to maintain. Wire cages for hamsters usually come with a detachable plastic base that can be removed for easy cleaning and disinfecting. Make sure to select a cage that has a solid floor, do not use wire floors for your hamster. . Use deep feeding trays because your hamster likes to spill their food, hamster wheel silent

Hamster has sharp teeth to cut small wire cages. , though Use heavier metal to lock the doors of your cage.

Another way to allow your hamster, climbing and search (something hamsters love doing), and not only will you find this scrumptious; it’s beneficial for your pet too. Being nocturnal animals by nature, hamsters tend to slumber a lot and lack of mobility can be a problem. To prevent your hamster from becoming overweight, unhealthy and bored you must provide it with things that can keep it safely occupied. hamster wheel silent

Plastic Habitrail are made to house hamsters, please use them, Wire cages are also unsuitable for Dwarf hamsters and Roborovski hamsters due to their small sizes. Dwarf and Roborovski hamsters can try to thrust through the bars of traditional wire hamster cages very much with unfortunate results. hamster wheel silent

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