A dog house can either be bought pre-fabricated or be built at home. If you are reading this article i suppose you probably would want to build your own dog kennel. That is a good idea, especially considering the fact that you could save of to 70% of the cost involved if you were buying an already made dog kennel.

Here are three main steps you should follow if you chose to build your own doghouse:

* Picking the doghouse that you want.

There are many designs of doghouses out there but you can only build one for your dog, right. You should know exactly what you want before looking at the designs out there. Do you have 2 dogs? Maybe you should go for a duplex dog kennel. Or you may want a luxurious dog house. It’s up to you, just make sure to choose the plan you want first.

* What materials you should choose?

When it comes to materials, there are 3 main materials that are used to build doghouses: They are metal, plastic and wood. Obviously, for somebody who intends to build his own dog house, wood would be the material of choice. Metal and plastic are not easy to cut through.

Talking of wood there are different types of wood out there, they vary in price. Cedar wood is known for years to be the best type of wood when it comes to dog house construction, simply because it has insulation properties and it is durable.

Dogs are known to be very sensitive to changes in the temperature, that is why it is important to build a dog house that is insulated as to keep the internal climate of the house safe for the dog.

* Other tips you need to know

After choosing the plan of dog house you want, it is necessary that you also take note of this.

– After you finish building the house, you should also consider painting it, it helps with the house to look more attractive.

– Even though cedar wood is known to have better insulation properties, don’t forget to add more insulation to the house especially during the winter (you can add more foam to the walls).

– The entry of a dog kennel should not remain open all the time. It should have a door that can be easily opened and closed by the dog itself.

– A lot of sun, especially during the summer, can enter the dog kennel through the roof. Make sure to use corrugated galvanized iron on the roof. That way you can easily deflect the sun rays and keep the doghouse cool

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