Knowing Your Dog’s Enemy

Knowing Canine Illnesses

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Dog diseases and helpful specific treatments are frequently the subject of the talks with regards of owning and raising any breed of dogs. They are often prone because they are not fully aware of the cleanliness level they have while living their life. In short, other than the dog’s instincts of keeping themselves safe from harm, we, their owners, are the ones accountable for their health safety and the ones responsible to know the cause of their present illnesses.

Let’s have a look at canine’s most chaotic body disturbances and be reminded of the symptoms that we should be cautious of.

Let’s have a look at rabies, do you recognize that it primarily attacks the dog’s brain and when your dog suffers from it, it can be so severe that it leads to paralysis and soon Loss of life. It could be the most fatal variety of loss of life for me simply because even humans are afraid to die from rabies. Once the rhabdo virus gets into the nervous process, it is already unstoppable.

How about kennel cough? Have you sent your canine to your kennel to get a long period of time? Well, if the answer is yes, he may well already contracting viruses into his method. The virus causes the inflammation of your tract and then produces cough because the main symptom.

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Worms within the heart? Wondering if it really is achievable? Well, don’t be shocked simply because the answer is “yes”. The heart could be a residence to parasitic worms. And as these parasites destroys the heart, the story of your doggy will turn out to be tragic as he grows sluggish, tired, after which Death. 


Lyme disease or Borreliosis – this is mainly caused by a bacteria transmitted through the bite of an infected tick. Common signs of dogs infected with the disease are lameness, muscle stiffness, lethargy and lack of appetite. Antibiotics such as the tetracycline will help cure the infection.


One day, my puppy got sick along with the possible diagnosis is canine distemper. I almost freak out upon hearing it. Why? It is due to the fact canine distemper will lead to dog paralysis… blindness… seizures… and a lot much more things that you just don’t want your dog to suffer from.


Leptospirosis – This is also an infective illness caused by a type of bacteria resulting too lethargy, kidney inflammation, vomiting, and the inflammation of the mucous membranes. Unexpected blood clotting may also be also evident


Parvovirus – virus of this infection can stand disinfectants and temperature changes. It can also persist in a surface for several months. Infected dogs are being killed, especially the young, and older dogs survive it well. Symptoms include diarrhea and vomiting. Vaccination is also recommended for a lifetime for protection.


Obesity – proper diet is a great help to maintain the ideal body weight of a dog. It must be given foods sufficient for its every day needs. Nevertheless, providing your dog foods preferably for humans is not a great notion. Occasionally it contains fatty substance which the digestive system of a puppy can not tolerate. In turn, that fatty content remains in its entire body causing him to boost much weight. Therapy for this really is engaging your dog to exercise and other physical activities.


DISEASES ARE ALWAYS Preventable. It is either via vaccines or it might be via the way of life – THE Foods THEY EAT, GROOMING, AND ACTIVITY.


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