Why does Fido eat leaves

Mealtimes can be the most important part in a dog’s existence as these food motivated animals are voracious eaters. For dogs that are left alone most of the time, the arrival of the master with a bowl of kibble can be the highlight of their daily existence. Dogs in the wild use much of their time hunting for food. Dogs have to hunt to survive and since food is not always available, dogs would eat every bit of the prey when one is found. Dogs are mainly carnivorous but these adaptable animals can eat anything when prey is not available. To survive, dogs would make do with roots, berries, fruits and leaves.

Todays dogs don’t have to hunt to eat. Dogs never go hungry as they are regularly provided with nutritious food by their owners. This is why dog owners are puzzled by the dog inclination to eat non-food items. Dogs have the inclination to gnaw and eat wood, stones and to eat poop. A dog’s tendency to eat leaves would be much better than eating poop and rotting animals.

The need to correct a dietary imbalance was considered as one of the reasons why dogs eat leaves. Dogs have an uncanny ability to know what is wrong with their system. Dogs that are provided by owners with cheaper low quality dog food that mainly contain cereal fillers would munch on the leaves of momma’s plants to fill up a nutrient deficiency.

We are aware of the dog’s big appetite. Dogs have a curious nature. This curious nature often results to ingestion of non-edible objects. Apart from this, dogs also have the inclination to eat spoiled food. Would it be surprising if the dog would have an upset stomach? Fortunately, nature has given our canine friends ability to self medicate. Dogs simply need to eat leaves and presto! the foreign matters as well as the toxic substances in the stomach that ails the pet will be vomited. Dogs wanting to attract attention would eat leaves. As the habit is unwanted, the dog will be reprimanded. For a dog, reprimands would be better than no attention at all.

The habit to eat leaves is not really dangerous as long as what was eaten are not poisonous. Stopping the leaves eating habit is necessary to keep the pet safe.

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