Dogs form a legendary attachment with their owners. Anyone observing a dog would easily see the signs of this strong attachment as dogs are always eager to see their masters. The seemingly smiling eyes, the relaxed ears, the lolling tongue and the enthusiastically wagging tail are signs that the dog is happy and excited to see the master.

The working and personal relationship that exist between man and dogs was formed thousands years ago. Due to the close bond, dogs are believed to offer man not only affection and companionship but compassion as well. However, statistics tell us that almost five million dog attack incidents occur in US and most of the victims were attacked by their own dogs.

Putting an unmanageable dog to sleep would be the last option a pet parent would take as these animals are well loved and considered as a member of the family. The priority of a dog owner though is to protect the family from the attacks of the aggressive pet. Despite domestication, dogs have retained the high prey drive and the cunning, territorial, ferocious behaviors they have inherited form their wolf ancestors. The latent aggressive nature of the dog will surface once triggered by a situation in the environment especially if the dog was trained by the owners to fight and to be aggressive. Even well mannered dogs can still attack, what will you do?

An attack situation calls for presence of mind to be able to evade the attack of the pet that has suddenly gone berserk. Dogs are pack animals and as such they would use aggression to dominate any pack member. Dogs that attack may have gone out of control but if the animal was obedience trained, it is highly probable that the dog would respond to a given command. You are still the alpha male and a “sit” or “stay” command given in an authoritative voice would bide you sometime to get to safer ground.

You can never out run a dog and running will rouse the dog’s prey drive. Staring into the eyes of the dog would not be a good idea as it can be misconstrued by the dog as a sign of your willingness to fight. Dogs are experts in sensing fear in humans and when they do, they will take advantage of the situation and attack. If the attacking dog cannot be stopped curl into a ball to protect your face and your throat.

What to do if your dog attacks you? More information on this and first aid for dogs can be found at Sarah’s Dogs.

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