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Countless people I have spoken to simply believe that dog training tools do not offer any benefits, but just serve to take your money from you. This is wholly untrue. Dog training tools are in actual fact almost essential to be able to train your dog to an excellent standard in all disciplines. There are many aids available but only a certain few will work with your dog and his temperament.
You may not know this, but some of the best training tools are in fact human food, giving your dog some human food when he has done something as asked will work wonders towards this continuing in the long run. This is an incredibly cheap and effective training tool, however, should you wish to spend more money, you have lots to pick from.
Dog agility training tools available to you include anti bark collars. Many dogs have a problem when they do dog agility. It is due to the fact that when they get in front of a crowd, they get excited which usually means they start to bark. Anti bark collars do one of two things or sometimes both, they give a small electric charge when your dog barks and spray some water up into their face. Contrary to what others may tell you, this is not cruel and certainly not animal abuse. It simply tells your dog not to bark. These kinds of collars are available from all good pet shops.
Dog clickers are now the weapon of choice for obedience training aids. They involve the owner clicking a clicker to request their dog to sit. Another aid available is a harness; this gets fitted around your dog’s upper body so when you are teaching him to heel, a slight tug on the harness pulls him back completely.
There are also dog training aids available for around the home. These are simple and effective. Most people leave the purchase of dog training aids to the last minute, however, they can be fun so invest in some today and have fun whilst training your dog!

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