Shipping a dog Safely

Dog owners would always want to have the pet around. It is understandable for pet owners to want the dog around as these animals are outstanding and loyal pets that provide affection and reliable protection. In malls, in the park, in the place of work and in any other places – a dog will be seen.

Toy dogs are often seen lovingly carried in the arms of their owners if not cozily huddled in designer dog carrier bags. People with large dogs running or walking alongside is a common sight. An owner that is moving to a distant location will find carrying the pet a not too easy task. How can you go about shipping the dog safely?

There are several ways by which the pet can be transported but shipping a pet by plane is the easiest (though costly) method. Airlines that offer services for shipping pets though have different rules and regulations. Some major airline carriers would refuse to fly a dog during hot or cold weather thus inquiring about the rules is highly recommended before bringing a dog to the airport all ready to be shipped.

The dog must be taken to a veterinary facility for a checkup as all airline carriers require pet owners to submit health and vaccination certificates. To lessen the stress during the trip, some vets prescribe sedative for the dog. Shipping weak, sick or pregnant dogs must be done with care because of their delicate condition. As the plane ascends, the pressure inside the cargo hold is expected to change as well. Anything that will happen inside the cargo hold is a potentially dangerous situation as no assistance will be given to the pet.

If the owner is on the same flight with the pet, the dog can travel in a cabin as long as the carrier will fit under the seat. Although the dog can travel in the cabin along with the master, the most common flight option for a dog is as a cargo. An acceptable crate should be one that will not collapse easily as it will be kept in the cargo hold along with the plane’s other cargos. The crate must be large enough to allows the dog to move around and to stand and lie down comfortably. It is important to use a permanent marker in writing the owner’s name and contact numbers. The dog must be made to wear a collar with identification tags. Being lost while in transit always happen and these measures will help in locating both the owner and the pet.

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