Obedience training can improve the ties between man and dog. A dog that has undergone basic obedience lessons develops into good canine citizen. An owner of a dog that can do tricks will certainly be very proud of the pet’s ability. It is common for dog owners to obedience train the dog to be able to manage the pet’s behavior. One of the important basic obedience trainings is teaching the dog to come when called as this can save the pet from a potentially dangerous situation. Many dogs have been injured because they were not trained to obey the recall command.

It is very important for leashed dogs or those that are kept on a crate to be trained to come when called. Dogs are energetic animals thus they would not appreciate being leashed as their chance to play will be restricted. A dog that was able to break free from the leash would be in dogs’ 7th heaven. Catching and reattaching the leash would be a very hard task for an owner of a dog that was not trained to come when called. This scenario often ends up with the dog injured.

Teaching the dog to come when called will be easy as dogs already have the tendency to be the shadow of their masters. Dogs were even branded as Velcro pets. Apart from being hunters, dogs have curious personalities. The will to heed the master’s call will be opposed by the desire to follow an interesting scent. In most cases, the interesting scent will win hands down.

Training the dog to come when called or any other obedience training for that matter is best started when the dog is still young. A place that is relatively free from distractions must be chosen to make the dog adapt well to training. Start the training by standing a couple of paces away from the dog, call the pet’s name and give the “come” command.

The dog may not come during the first try so you can let the dog see that you are holding a toy or a treat in your hand. Give the command again and when the dog comes to you praise and hug the pet or give the reward. This exercise must be repeated several times a day but be sure that the training session would not be more that 5 or 10 minutes as dogs easily get bored. A dog that is well trained will come even if the command is issued from another room.

Sarah’s Dogs provides more information on how to train a dog to come when called as well as dog first aid.

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