What To Feed To Your Dog?

Puppies are man’s ideal pet. We give them what they need. Feed them meals that can make them healthy. One of this is by providing them a proper diet.

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The right nutrition:

Proteins abundant foods such as chicken, pork, or beef, are required by pups for they are responsible in releasing energy. They form muscles, skin, and hair that are essential for structural support. This provides proteins to help them stay healthy.

Fatty acids and oils provide energy sources for pet dogs to stay dynamic. Fat gives more energy when compared with carbohydrates and amino acids. All of these are often good sources of nutrients, needed for good skin, and for a strong immune system. Fatty acids improves flavor and digestibility of food.

Carbohydrates are vital in right digestion and a great source of energy.

Nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus are important for bones and teeth, cell and muscle development, fluid balance, and metabolic processes. However, an excess of one could result in a deficiency in the other.

Make My Dog Healthy

Calcium is believed to be helpful in pregnant, and nursing dogs and growing pups.

Vitamin supplements need to be maintained in a small amount to sustain development, a healthy skin, also to support the immune system. Deficiency of nutritional vitamins or too much amounts is not healthy for your pet dog health. Vitamins B and C  are excreted by the kidney with the urine while vitamins A, D, E, and K are stored the fatty tissues.

Water is absolutely necessary. The total amount required is based on air temperature, activities as well as the type of food that they’re consuming. It delivers minerals and vitamins to all parts of a body and it also keeps the body temperature normal. Make sure your pet has access to clean, healthy drinking water.

Key factors to remember

These types of nutrients are recommended beginning the early days of their adult years until the end of the sixth year unless your pet is pregnant or nursing, or struggling with a particular ailment.

Dogs have completely different nutritional needs than humans. Unlike in humans, vitamin c in dogs is already produced inside their body that’s the reason why it’s no longer a part of their regular diet.

Supplements are not required if your dog is given a complete and well-balanced food. But you can continue to give them following they work out.

Foods like onions, soya, spinach, and undercooked maize or kidney beans are actually harmful to dogs.

Chocolates can be extremely harmful and should not be given.

Dont serve meals having only meat. The idea would be wise to have a combined vegetables and whole grain cereal.

Where to start?

ZiwiPeak is definitely the ideal dog food for your pet because it supplies the nutrition your pets needed. This is the perfect match for your most cherished dog.

Going for scrap or left over food might not give them the nutrition they need. It is too high in meat but not rich enough in other important nutrients and minerals.

You should know what you should give your pet to help keep them strong and healthy. Let them have a nutritious meal and feed them in the right time.



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