The Fabulous Sheepdog

 In the world of dogs it is sometimes easy to confuse different breeds. One type of dog that normally stands out is an Old English Sheepdog. They are very recognizable and are seldom confused with any other breed.

You may have heard of these dogs referred to as bobtails. That is because most breeders have the tail cut very short when the dog is very young. In some areas bobbing a dogs tail is no longer legal so, the breeder may or may not have this done.

Sheepdogs that will be used for herding are raised right along with the sheep and even get sheered at the same time the sheep get sheered.

No one is sure about what dogs were bred together to get this awesome dog as records were not kept. We just know the first sheepdogs came from England.

If you are thinking about getting one of these dogs, here are a few things you might want to know. Since all dog breeds are not for all people, it would be best to also visit dog shows and talk to breeders before making any decisions. Now, if you are thinking about adding a stuffed dog to your family then you will not need to do near as much research. Most of them fit into just about any family.

When you are looking for a dog that is loyal and protective of its area, look for a sheepdog. This dog is brave and intelligent despite their somewhat cuddly looks. Bobtails relate well with people and are therefore fit as a pet in the house. You will just need to give them plenty of exercise.

This type of dog is also great for those people who have families. Bobtails can relate well with children of above 10 years. Sheepdogs are also known to herd younger kids and that can sometimes causes problems. These dogs do get along with other kinds of pets like a cat or other breeds of dogs.

An adult sheepdog has a height of about 24 inches at most and a maximum weight of 100 pounds. Females are normally a slight bit smaller than the males.

If you are seriously considering getting a sheepdog, you need to keep in mind the amount of grooming they require. They have a double coat and it may take up to three hours a week just for brushing. If their coat is not taken care of it can mat and be very uncomfortable for the dog. If not watched carefully the dog may develop matted hair between their toes. This could make it painful for the dog to walk. One other option would be to keep the dogs hair cut short. Brushing, bathing, and all grooming should be started as a puppy. You and the puppy will need patients to do all the required grooming each week.


The next best dog you could possibly get would be a plush dog They make excellent pets for small kids or people that do not have time to train, groom, and exercise a real sheepdog.

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