Pet Memorial

Perhaps you have considered the way you would memorialize your beloved pet that passed away? What kind of pet memorial is fitting, doing honor to the lifetime of our dog, cat or bird, while helping us to let them go?

For a few individuals, something simply such as a simple backyard burial would be fine. However, for a few, simple ceremonies aren’t quite enough to aid them say goodbye; after all, the pet is somebody they are concerned about. For some individuals, cremation is a wise decision and you can place their ashes in an urn after. However, when the urn is kept, it may simply be the reminder of the pet’s death, bringing additional sorrow.

Some individuals select a more elaborate sort of ceremony as a way of processing the grief and memorializing their pets-something akin to a funeral or memorial service.  Sometimes the pet’s cremated ashes are dispersed to the wind, perhaps over a favorite play area or a sentimental spot. This sort of giving tribute as a pet memorial may definitely advantage certain kinds of people, people who could be fine with memory brought about by this ceremony. Nevertheless for some, that is still insufficient, because when the ceremony is over, nothing is left but a memory-and still they are left to deal with the grief.

However for many people, they prefer ways that is created more creatively to honor their pets so to find sense of healing of the grief.  A way to make this possible is integrating a few of the pet’s remains in the art piece.  This art creates a type of focal point where any pet couldn’t be gone forever to a pet owner and speaks more of life and inspiration rather that relating to death.  For some, this can be therapy to their condition.  A piece of art could possibly be some bit of the furs or a portion of the ashes encased in a form of jewelry or a locket that you might wear.  Sometimes the artwork might be a display box of sentimental items-a clipping of fur, a favourite toy, an image, etc.

An artist had her way on rendering it more creative in memorializing a pet- incorporating the cremains in piece of artwork.  This artist has created the Loving Hearts Tribute Series for this purpose, beginning so as to process the grief of losing her very own pet.  Her paintings are original heart-themed and are of limited-edition made of museum quality giclee prints.  While using pet’s ashes for the contents, the artist uses these to hand-finish the piece of art.  Through this manner of creativity, the main artwork contains the remains that might be suitable for display that reminds the pet owner more of love and life than death.  This creative piece of choice of pet memorial gives honor to the joy and love that pet has brought in life as well as be helping the owner with the sorrow.

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