Paper training a dog

Dogs make wonderful additions to the family. A person wanting to have a dog will be held back by the task of caring for the pet. Caring for a dog is a big responsibility. A puppy just like a baby would need constant supervision as both would get into trouble if left alone for quite some time.

One of the concerns of pet parents is potty training. Dog owners should not assume that when a puppy is brought home from the breeder the pup is already trained to go potty in the right place. Training the dog to go potty in the designated area should not be a problem as an owner can choose from several training techniques. Paper training is one of the methods by which the dog can be taught to eliminate in the designated place.

Paper training is the common housebreaking technique used by pet owners living in high rise buildings or owners that cannot afford to supervise the pet all day. Select a room with an easy to clean floor to be the dog’s bathroom if you have chosen to use the paper training technique. A bathroom or a storeroom with a tiled floor would be ideal so that the mess of the dog will be cleaned easily. While the dog is being trained, you need to put the bed, the feeding bowls as well as the dog’s toys in the room. Use old newspapers to cover about ¼ of the floor area. Generally, dogs would not want to eliminate near their sleeping area so you have to place the pile of newspaper a few feet away from the bed.

An untrained dog would naturally eliminate all over the room thus it has to be constantly monitored during the early part of the training. While monitoring the activities of the dog you can stay inside the room to play and bond with the pet. You will notice that a dog about to poop or pee will scratch the floor or turn around in circles. Take the dog at once and get him to the pile of newspapers. Praise the dog for being good. Dogs want to please their owners and the praise will encourage the dog to eliminate in the same spot again. Be sure to remove only the top paper from the pile so that the smell of the dog’s excrement will remain. Dogs will be encouraged to eliminate in the spot where they can smell their excrement.

Pretty easy huh? Actually it is not. The dog has to be constantly supervised before it would use the paper pile on its own.

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