Rescue dogs are commonly classified as either being tracking and trailing animals or air scenting animals. Each could have their unique benefits (and particular search and rescue dog training) based on the rescue situation at hand. For example, a tracking and trailing canine is scent discriminating, meaning they need an write-up with a specific human scent on it to find a subject. An air scenting dog is non-scent discriminating and will follow any airborne scent that’s in the air.

When you decide to give a dog search and rescue canine training you first need to identify if they’re tracking and trailing (scent discriminating) or air scenting (non-scent discriminating), then move them into the suitable course of training. A non-scent discriminating canine would be ideal should you know there is men and women lost, but haven’t yet identified them. Scent discriminating dogs are perfect when you know who your victim, suspect, or person of curiosity is and have an write-up of their clothing. Rarely will a dog possess both qualities.
Ideal candidates for search and rescue dog training will be puppies around 10 weeks old and an owner who has an hour or more per day to devote to the dog’s training. Next it will likely be best to purchase a specialist instruction guide, or enroll in a lookup and rescue canine training club in your area.

Regardless of which pet health care route you take the relationship/bond between you and the dog will be essential, as obedience from the animal is equally as necessary as the dogs actual sense of smell. In most instances, instruction will start as a playful game where you allow the canine to explore their sense, while you focus on honing their obedience level. Throughout this time you should also be capable to figure out their skill-set (tracking and trailing or air scenting).

Finally, you would move on to advanced pet care methods discussed inside your instruction guide, or at your instruction club and hone your animal’s skill level. Training your animal to aid law enforcement or discover victims of environmental disasters is a great gift to give your fellow man. Lookup and rescue animals typically lead happy and rewarding lives.

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