A person can reach the limit of his/her patience if the chosen pets are dogs and cats given that these animals cannot live peacefully in one household. The quarrel of dogs and cats have been the topic of many children’s stories. The hostility between these two animals have been going on for ages. Obviously these two animals that hate each other cannot co-exist in one household peacefully.

The feud that has been going on for centuries between dogs and cats is attributed to the difference in personalities. Because of a playful nature, a dog will love to chase and torment a cat while the cat’s screaming every time the dog is seen means that the feline cannot stand the presence of the dog. Why do dogs and cats hate each other so much?

The inability to co-exist can be attributed to the difference in personalities. Dogs are playful by nature. A dog is a social creature as well. As such, it is expected that dogs would want to interact with humans and with other animals. Cats though apart from being aloof has the tendency to manifest a haughty demeanor.

Because of the dogs’ desire to interact with the family, these animals would suffer from separation anxiety if not given the opportunity to socialize with humans. It is rather different with cats. Cats, independent creatures that they are would not mind being left alone. Cats are not very demanding pets as the owner simply need to provide the cat with its basic needs. Cats are placid undemanding pets. Dogs are always on the go as these animals are very energetic.

Dogs may not really hate cats as these friendly animals may even entice the cat to play. The invitation to play can be misinterpreted by the cat as a threatening stance. Apart from the size which is much bigger than the cat’s, a dog would really have an intimidating appearance . So that when the dog approaches to play, the screaming cat will flee.

A cat may have a reason to hate the dog. Dogs are predators. A dog would vault in an instant to follow a prey. Dogs would hunt any animal and a cat can be one of the dog’s preys. Would it then be surprising if dogs and cats hate each other.

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