Why do dogs scoot

Some behaviors of man’s best friends would seem odd to humans. It is not uncommon for pet owners to observe the pet turning around in circles, sleeping with the four legs up like an upended table and chasing the tail. Another weird behavior of the pet is scooting. A dog owner would either laugh or be puzzled if the pet is seen dragging is butt against the floor.

Dogs that puts on an act and turns in circles or cocks the head will bring out laughter from the family. For a while the weird behavior of the pet will be entertaining to the family. An owner can’t help but think that something must be wrong with the pet.

Scooting can be attributed to boredom. Dogs are social animals that would always want to have the attention of the family and failing to do so would make the dog destructive to get the family’s attention. A dog will be encouraged to chase its butt if laughter and attention are drawn out from the human family. Aware that the act is accepted, the dog will scoot over and over again.

A dog may have other reasons for scooting apart from amusing the family. An itchy butt or an uncomfortable feeling may cause a dog to scoot. Dogs have the propensity to ingest anything so that it is possible for strings, plastic or a piece of cloth to dangle from the dog’s rectum. The hair on the anal area may also be decorated with dried up feces. As dogs don’t have hands, the foreign objects on its rear end will be removed with scooting.

Anal gland disorders and worm infestation are other reasons why a dog would rub and drag its rear end on the ground. A tapeworm infestation will make the dog scoot as the segments of worm on the anal are will cause severe itching. The immense discomfort arising from an impacted anal gland will make a dog scoot. Anal gland secretions give the dog its distinct odor. The anal gland secretion is normally facilitated as the dog defecates but a low fiber diet that results to soft stools makes it hard for the anal glands to empty. The anal glands secretion becomes thick and gritty resulting to an impacted anal gland. An impacted anal gland would be painful for the dog thus it would try to empty the sacs by dragging its butt in the floor.

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