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I am a dog owner since I was a kid. I can recall  the days when I was just a newbie in taking care of dogs. I took care of dogs intermittently. What I mean by intermittent is for a year, I have dogs around, then, after some time, they will die. For a number of times, I mourned over the remains of my precious canine pet. I am unsure if I was the one to be blamed. I don’t even know what exactly caused the death. After mourning over several dogs which died at a very early age, I tried to figure out the reason why this thing is happening over and over again. I have a confession to make and I know that this can influence dog owners out in the web reading this little article that I have written.

Feeding our dogs with the correct food is one of the important things that we have to keep in mind. I want to put a stress on the word “right”. Not everything that we consider as right and appropriate for our dogs is actually healthy. It has been a habit among dog owners that our leftovers goes into our dog’s tummy until dog foods became a star in the marketplace. There has been a competition between home cooked and commercial dog foods. Which among the two is best for our dogs?


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As an experienced dog owner who have encountered so many dog problems (lots of dog troubles), I can tell you from my own hard earned lessons which among commercial dog foods and home cooked dog meals you are going to trust. Before we get to the explanation, let me give you the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of dog food:

Home Cooked Versus Commercial Dog Foods

What is the exact difference of a home cooked dog food and a commercial one? From beginning to end of this article, you are going to discover the difference and in the end, you will make the decision on which one you will trust.

Commercial Dog Foods: Its Advantages

1. Handy and always available.

If you don’t have time to prepare the food of your dogs, commercial dog foods are really handy and you can just pour them out on the bowl. You can just take them of the pantry and pour off a cup of pebbles into your dog’s dish and that’s it – no need to prepare.

2. Very easy to prepare.

With commercial dog foods, you don’t need to spend your time in the kitchen. You just need to have a good storage for your dog’s food and get bits from it whenever it’s “chow time” for your dog.

3. low-priced

Purchasing dog foods that are processed and commercialized is less costly than the home cooked dog snacks.

The Disadvantage:

1. It’sdifficult to tell which one is hazardous and which one is not contaminated.

With the fast recalls of dog foods and the “scare” that it has brougt to the society of dog owners,it’s actually hard to set apart which commercial dog food is just a piece of trash and which one is not. The previous news about companies which includes euthanized dogs and other animals into the dog foods that they are manufacturing has made it hard for me to trust processed dog foods.

2. Many commercial dog foods is defficient of nutrients, therefore, it cannot give all our dog’s nutritional needs.

A great number dog foods lack the nutrients that dogs actually need. Like humans, dogs need a complete variety of food nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. How do you know if the labels of each dog food in the market are really true? Is it actually fifty to sixty percent protein? How about the carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals?

3. Can shorten the dog’s life span.

It can decrease the number of years that you can be with your dog since most of them have many food additives to extend the shelf life of the dog product. These preservatives will be like a poison that can consume the dog’s vital organs such as the liver and kidney.

Advantages:  Home Cooked Dog Food

1. All natural

Home cooked meals contains no artificial ingredients. They are like our own food. If foods with preservatives are not good for us, the same rule applies to our canine pals.

2. Produces Shinier Coats

Since we have a choice to add vegetables and other foods rich in vitamins and minerals to our dog’s food, we can make the coats of our canine friend shinier than ever.

3. Safe

We can stay at peace that what we feed to our dogs are safe and clean for the reason that we are the one who really prepared them.

4. nutritive

There are a lot of nutrients that we can’t find in dog foods but the good news is – THEY ARE PRESENT IN HOME COOKED MEALS. We can manage the ratio of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals because we are going to cook them,

5. It can expand thelife span of our canine pal.

Because it is all natural, safe, and nutritious, it can lengthen our dog’s lifetime. You can picture out spending lot of good years with your canine pet.

The Not-that-bad side of Home Made Dog Meals

If you are a newbie in preparing home made dog foods, you will encounter the following disadvantages:

1. Consumes a lot of hours for preparation.

2. Quite pricey compared to commercial ones.

3. It’s difficult to tell which home made food our dogs will eat.

The Final Decision

After presenting both the good and bad side of commercial and home made dog foods, it’s time to uncover the answer. Which one will you trust? Which one will you feed to your beloved dog? I highly recommend home made dog foods. It has setbacks but which thing on earth has no disadvantages? You will not encounter an all-good choice. So what are you waiting for? get your own dog food recipe and pick grocery items for your own dog.


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