Dog owners know how energetic their pets are. These lovable animals are always on the go. It can be noticed that adult dogs would have the high spirits of puppies. Dogs though similar to their human friends also suffer from degenerative diseases. People start to feel muscle and joint pains as they mature. Getting up on chilly morning would be an arduous task for older people as the muscles and joints would start to act up. It is common for people to attribute the aching muscles and the sore joint to old age but these can be symptoms of arthritis. This malady affects our dogs too. Arthritis is a common problem as it afflicts about 25% of dogs in the US.

A dog may suffer from inflammatory or from degenerative arthritis. The weakening of bones that restricts mobility is commonly associated with old age. A traumatic injury or infection can cause joint instability. Obesity can aggravate this condition as the joints receive more pressure from the increased weight.

Symptoms of canine arthritis is very similar to what arthritic people feels. Although dogs cannot speak about how they feel a discerning owner will know that the pet is not well. Moreover, the impaired mobility would also be a sign that the dog is suffering from the degenerative disease. Dogs would rather run instead of walk because these are very energetic animals. An arthritic dog’s movements will be hampered by stiff joints thus the pet would not only limp but would also have difficulties in climbing stairs. In most cases, the dog would run a temperature because of the pain.

The pet must be taken to a vet for proper management of the disease. Pain medications will alleviate the discomfort of the pet but most anti inflammatory and steroidal drugs have side effects. Acupuncture and surgery are other options that a dog owner can take to lessen the discomfort of the pet.

TLC must be given to pet weighed down with the pain associated with arthritis. Because of the pain the dog may refuse to move thus an owner has to coach the dog to exercise to retain joint flexibility. The best thing a pet owner can do is to make the arthritic pet comfortable. Provide the pet with an orthopedic bed but if none is available a well padded bed that is raised about one foot from the floor would lessen the dog’s discomfort. Massage is proven effective in reducing the discomfort of arthritic people thus a massage will be good for your pet too. Massaging the dog would an ideal opportunity to bond with the pet.

Sarah’s Dogs has more answers to questions about dog arthritis as well as information about first aid for dogs.

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