Dog obedience training is an essential for anyone with a beyond control pup or grown dog.  Being a dog owner myself, I know and understand how the unconditional love from your dog or puppy dog can really brighten up a home and your life.  

My other half and I welcomed a new puppy A.J.  about a year gone and he’s been a great dog.  Now on the down side he’s consistently barking at other dogs and folk to indicate where it is actually beginning to irritate me.  So regardless of how terrible your dog is the smartest thing that we have done and you need to as well is to get some sort of training.  

These are some things that my other half and I have learned when we took A.J. thru training.  

1.  Never ask your dog to do something that he or she can get out of.  This may cause frustration with your dog and in turn the dog won’t respond well.  Rather, try respecting dog’s behavior and act accordingly at the initial stage.  

2.  Sounds easy but it is amazing how well it works and how many forget or take this point for granted.  Reward your dog for good behavior.  

3.  Never punish or scold your dog under training.  A punishment will put in negative feelings into your dog.  

4.  Ultimately, penalize your dog for not behaving, now this does not mean punish, there is a difference.  Penalize your dog by taking away something or do something that she does not like like a jerk of the leash.  

Having a dog provides so many great benefits but would not like to have a pet that listens and is not destructive?  Naturally you do who wouldn’t.  Does what my wife and I did and get some training for your dog you definitely will not regret the choice to do so?

How is your dog’s behavior?  Are you constantly apologizing for what your dog did when you’re not at home or better yet apologizing to folk when he barks at them or their dogs?  Well folks it’s time to put a stop it with secrets to Dog Training Home Course.

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