How To Stop Dog Barking

Due to poor socializing skills, excessive barking is actually the main reason why why most dogs are engaged into this. Your dog may bark because he feels lonely or isolated. A dog that gets easily agitated or excited may also develop barking problems. Dog socializations skills are very important to the welfare and safety of your dog. It can also prevent future bad dog behaviors that might put stress in their owners.  Proper socialization exposes them to new places, things and experiences. It enables them to build up skills to deal with situations in a constructive behavior, and will help reduce their stress.

               You should practice socializing your dog regularly. Negative interactions between dogs can’t ever be avoided so before you let him socialize, be sure to train him first.  Always be alert and never ever tolerate your dog when he becomes extreme.


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Some considerations1.       Before socializing your dog. Make it sure that he already got the proper vaccinations so he can’t do others any harm.2.       At the start of the socialization, don’t use long leash. Often use the shorter ones so you can easily guide him or stop him when he does something bad.

3.        Places where they could socialze

               Park for dogs- give him the chance to meet your neighbors’ dogs.

               Obedience classes- This will be the best place to train your your puppies and dogs. This is also the best place to stop any behavioral problems that are in the making.

               Dog Party- A reunion with your friends and their dogs is a fun way to jumpstart your dog’s socialization skills. However, you must all make sure that no dog has any communicable disease.

Tips on training them:.

1.       Get your puppy get used to all kinds of sounds. Many dogs bark at the sound of something unfamiliar. So, introduce your dog to every sound. May it be a car pulling over, a door shutting close to police sirens and fire trucks. You can also play him different kinds of music the whole day so he can get used to it.

2.       let the people know your dog. Introduce him to your family members, neighbors, and friends. This will help him be familiar about the people that are a part of your life and those that are not.

3.       Also, let him know his other co-animals. This will help him not to think of other animals as enemies or an intruder. But you must also be aware of his health. Be sure to only introduce him to those that are fully vaccinated and healthy animals.

4.       Let your visitor feed him treats. When he exhibits an outgoing and friendly attitude, praise him. Never ever cuddle him like he is a fragile thing. This will also make him think that he is.

Socializing your dog can bring the best between you and him. There will be less behavioral problem. But also, keep in mind, that good socialization skill will be enough. You should also do your part in treating him properly and making sure he is well fed and is taken good care of.


Health For Dogs

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