Dogs would always be man’s most devoted and loving companions. The love bestowed by humans best friends have made a significant difference to people’s way of life. The precautionary measures being done by a dog owner to ensure the health of the pet is therefore understandable. Responsible owners not only make sure that the dog is provided with enough food because the pet is also regularly groomed and provided with opportunities to meet its exercise requirements. Dog owners make sure that the pet is taken to the vet’s for the scheduled immunizations. With all these precautionary measures, a dog would still get sick.

Dog owners would continuously be troubled with the pet’s worm infestation. The life style of the dog makes these animals more prone to internal parasite infestation. Any dog owner will be exposed to the scavenging habit of the pet. Dogs have this obnoxious behavior of eating feces and raiding trash cans to eat rotten food. Would it be any wonder if the pampered and regularly groomed pet would still be infested with worms?

Although worm infestation can be easily treated, knowing if the pet is infested would be another matter. Several types of worm can be seen being excreted with the feces. Some types of worms cannot be seen by the naked eye thus a dog owner has to discern the symptoms of worm infestation. A dog keeping worm inside its intestines will vomit, have diarrhea and would normally lose weight because of poor appetite. Aside from having a scruffy coat and a pot belied appearance, the once energetic dog will be lethargic. Worm infestation must be treated as soon as signs are seen as severe infestation can snuff the life of the dog. Treatment is necessary as worms can be transmitted to the dog’s human family.

Blood test and fecal exam are necessary to administer the right worming medication that will wipe out the infestation. OTC worming medications can be purchased from any pet supply stores. No doubt these medications will have an effect but it would always be safe to consult a vet.

Medications for animal health concerns are commonly body weight based so that it would be very easy to administer a wrong dosage that instead of curing the illness would cause the dog more harm. This haphazard treatment may not be too effective as the medication given is not for the type of worm. You can save on the vet’s PF if you administer OTC medications but what would be a few bucks if you can be sure that the life of the pet will be saved.

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