New Electric Dog Collar

I went to my good friend?s house in the middle of the night because of an urgent class project. Upon entering his home, he greeted me with that surprise look on his circular face. He asked me about the purpose of my visit (or disturbance if he wants to call it), I just told him that we have a new project and it is due the next morning.

His face somehow turned grayish with a ?No way? look. He politely handed me over his shiny computer and I began the project. In the middle of my work, I saw a moving light in the dark corner of his room with a cold breeze of air kissed my face and an added howl of a huge dog to its background. I was really scared; I immediately called him to tell me what I saw. He laughed at me and explained, it was an electronic dog training collars with remote being wore by his dog, Scream. Out of relief, I just told him to help me with the modern project and of course to command his dog to stay away from me. We were almost finished with the new project when the rain poured heavily.

Suddenly my friend immediate went out of the room and in the house, upon his return I asked why he left. He replied that his poor dog could be electrocuted because of its electric dog collar. I again asked what the purpose of the collar is; he replied that he can detect his dog where ever it goes because of its light. Finally the new class project was done already. The next morning, ready to go to school, I went to the nearest block store to buy a pen. On my way to the counter, I saw this lady holding an electric dog collar.

I remember the dog of my friend, Scream. After I got my pen, I went directly to school and there I saw my good friend holding already the hard-bound copy of the project. When we submitted the project, our teacher was very strict but we managed to have it passed. On my way to the library, I saw some girls looking and scanning over gorgeous pictures of dogs. One said that she wanted also an electric dog collar for their pets. In my mind, I was really wondering that such collar would be much more expensive than a conventional collar and besides, what I saw in my friend?s dog and the concern he had over the possibility of his dog being killed. I immediately decided to go home that afternoon because I thought that I deserve a good rest and of course I was almost sleepless. I was walking towards home, when I saw my friend and his dog. He went to me and congratulated me because of our work.

I politely replied. I noticed that his dog was no longer wearing the electronic dog training collars with remote, I asked him again. With a smile in his face, he said that he gave it to my dog, Gus. I was surprise what he said. I immediately went home just to see my dog jumping up and down with its new electric dog collar.

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