Training German shepherd puppies is simpler than training them when they are older.  This is because the basic concept of training, which is to educate dog’s organization, is harder to enforce after your dog has transcended its learning years.  Thus, older dogs take longer in creating associations between their actions and the lessons that you would like them to learn, and the training process takes twice more the effort.  

But training your German shepherd puppies doesn’t have to be a tough process if you start early on and you know what you have got to do!  Below, we’ve prepared a couple of significant tips that are a must if you’re meaning to do things better.  

1) Positive Reinforcements Helps

The basic notion of training is to definitely teach your dog that certain actions he performs would bring him rewards.  It’s like teaching them that when they roll over or bark on command, they might be getting a prize.  However, when dogs are taught by punishment like hitting or hollering, they’d retaliate and quiver in fear, making the process annoying to owner and dog.  

2) Consistency is the Key

Sometimes, it’s better to train when you’re the sole one holding your baby dog.  But when you have a complete family playing with your German shepherd puppies, the training experience won’t be straightforward.  In cases like these, you need to remember that consistency is the key to training your puppies.  Always use the same commands, gestures, and training techniques be it you or your family member to avoid confusing your dog.  

3) Talk to your dog

Learning to communicate with your dog is an essential part of dog training.  You should be able to identify your dog’s body movements to help you know how your dog feels.  Is it scared?  Does it feel threatened or hurt?  These signs will help you in understanding your dog better and help you evaluate whether you are making a point and teaching him or scaring him away.

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