Pet Memorial Gifts

You know how difficult it could be to decide on a wholesome condolence should be that you’ve ever had anyone who loves his pet and is having a hard time moving on from the loss when that pet died.  It can feel odd because although it is just a pet who died, not a person, it could still feel to the owner much like a family member was lost. An ordinary memorial could feel like an understatement, while something more elaborate might be excessive.  What pet memorial gifts can truly express your sympathy for your own friend, serving as a possible agent of comfort and healing than an ordinary reminder of the pet’s death?

Here are a few common ideas for pet memorial gifts:

1. A card of sympathy.  This is an excellent choice for somebody who doesn’t do best with pomp and ceremony, but it may well not express your true feelings for your friend.  Cards can feel trite, and are easily lost or forgotten.

2.Flowers. You can actually send flowers in the same way though you were honoring a deceased loved one; just don’t forget that when the flowers die, so does the memorial.  In the event the reminder of death causes more grief to your friend, it will not be a good idea to send something that will die.

3. A worthy cause donation or charity for the pet. For instance, if the pet was initially rescued from an animal shelter, you could possibly have a donation to the shelter from which your friend got his/her pet.  Considering the fact that the pet died of a disease, it would be proper if you give your donation to the research that is working and studying for a cure to it.  This might be a really good gift for your friend if they’re the right kind of person, but might not help much with the grief if your friend is the kind who requires a visual connection.

If you’re a friend who seeks more creativity on pet memorial gifts, there exists another choice- a thing that could be the centerpiece for your friend, give honor to the lost pet, and aid in the process of recovery.  Grave markers and cremation urns simply remind us of death, but art can talk about life and inspiration.  Now how about an idea of incorporating portions of one’s pet’s remains in a form of artwork?

One artist is doing this by creating a series of original heart-themed paintings, called the Loving Hearts Tribute Series.  Hundred limited-edition giclee prints are manufactured from each original piece; then this selected piece is hand-finished by the artist with a final coat containing the ashes of the pet. In a manner of speaking, the remains of the pet will become a part of the art tribute to its life and love; keep on bringing joy after its life. This artwork is one of the most creative pet memorial gifts available, offering your friend a daily reminder while serving as a thoughtful point of healing from the grief.

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